ePRO Strategy Best Practices & Implementation

Adopting an ePRO strategy and subsequently implementing it requires an effective collaboration between clinical trial teams, ePRO providers and PRO experts familiar with transitions from paper-based PRO data collection. To gain advantage of their collective lessons learned while implementing an ePRO strategy, PHT, an ePRO provider, invited four distinguished pharmaceutical PRO experts to discuss and suggest best practices for this process.

Based on their input, this Best Practices Guide describes why ePRO is being mandated within major biotechnology and pharmaceutical organizations, how to implement an ePRO strategy, and details the people, process and products required for a successful ePRO data collection effort.

This guide reviews:
  • ePRO Mandates by Regulatory Authorities
  • Personnel and Process Changes When PRO Data Endpoints Are Collected
  • An ePRO Strategy: Strategy First, Tactics Second
  • Devices and Instruments Required
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